We are a global multi-solution manufacturer of foodservice equipment with a complete range of market-leading products including Refrigeration and Cooking.

Our designs are made to enhance user convenience by providing always the best solution at a competitive price.


Asber brings the innovative approach of a dynamic and flexible brand that constantly evolves with the latest trends of the market, offering-locally adapted products across the globe.

The focus on efficency in our internal processes has allowed us to deliver what really matters: products and service that stand behind professional's performance.

We are what we do

Reliability and fuctionality conform the core of our product offering, Asber defines itself with a unique price-performance relationship setting a new standard for professional equipment within the hospitality industry. Emphasis is on a simple, real and honest proposal:

The most cost-effective investment in quality

We know that the only way to build customers confidence is providing them with equipment they can rely on. And that is simply what we do.