Can door hinges be reversed?

Door hinges are not field reversible for reach-ins. However, you may pre-order any model with a factory reversed hinge for a nominal fee.
How do I adjust the parameters on my digital controller? To Change the Temperature: press SET, wait for flashing, press up or down to desired temperature, press SET again.
Set Automatic Defrost: Hold down for 5 seconds Snowflake button and wait for click. The defrost cycle will run for 25 minutes.

Do the pizza prep tables and sandwich prep tables include the pans with my purchase?

Yes, the Pizza Prep Tables include 1/3 size pans and the Sandwich Prep Tables include 1/6 size pans. Pans are plastic and clear.

How does the shelf/pan slide system work?

We use a shelf slide system for our Reach-in and Pizza Prep Table Models. Both models incorporate stainless steel slides inside the cabinet on which wire shelves rest and be slid in and out. These stainless steel slides will accept 12” x 20” hotel pans. You may purchase wider slides to accommodate 18” x 26” sheet pans. Reach-Ins will accept 18 slide pairs per door opening. Pizza Prep Tables will accept 8 slide pairs per door opening.

How do I remove the protective plastic?

If the protective plastic becomes brittle in cold environments, heat the plastic with a hair dryer to easily peel back the protective plastic from the stainless steel.

Do Undercounter/Worktop models come with a backsplash?

We provide an optional 4” high backsplash for an additional cost for all of our Undercounter/Worktop models. Please call for prices.


How do I install my cabinet?

Installation is easy. After all packaging is removed, casters are tightly screwed in, and the unit is wiped down with mild soap and water simply plug your unit into a 115 V outlet. Check product details to see if a 15 amp or 20 amp outlet is needed. After plugging the unit in and turning the switch ON, you unit will experience a 3-5 minute delay prior to the compressor starting up The digital controller is running a quick safety analysis on all components. Let the unit run for 24 hours prior to adding any food product inside. Check the following to ensure optimal operation conditions:

A) Install cabinet on a level floor surface. If the floor is not leveling, you may experience water leakage from the evaporator drain pain into the cabinet.

B) Ensure that all cabinet air vents are not blocked and have proper ventilation. We suggest 4 inches on all sides.

C) Ambient room temperature should not exceed 90 F and 50% relative humidity.

D) If possible, install your cabinet in the coolest area of your kitchen, away from cooking equipment.

How do I clean and protect my cabinet?

Clean the interior of the cabinet with a mild soap and water mixture on a regular basis. A stainless steel cleaner may be applied to the exterior of the refrigerator or freezer. Do not wipe the digital controller with the stainless steel cleaner or it may tarnish the plastic screen.

How do I regularly maintain my refrigerator or freezer?

A) Most importantly, you must clean the condenser coil at regular 4 week intervals. The condenser coil is located on the back or side of the cabinet, next to the compressor. Remove all lint, dirt and grease from coil fins. If you fail to do this on a regular basis, air will not pass through the coils. This will cause your compressor to overheat, interior temperatures to rise, and if a service problem occurs, it may void your warranty.

B) Follow the cleaning instructions for maintaining the exterior and interior appearance.


The freight company damaged my unit. What should I do?

Do not sign for the unit! Call Asber immediately for instructions on how to proceed! 877-693-3372 #1

There is concealed freight damage that I did not see until I signed for and unpackaged my unit. What should I do?

A) Hold on to the crate and packaging. Do not throw it away.

B) Take pictures of the concealed damages and email them to

C) Call Asber at 877.693.3372#1 for instructions on how to proceed.


How do I order replacement Parts?

You may buy parts directly through Asber or through our parts distributors. If you decide to buy through Asber please contact the parts department at 305 477 1680 #2032 or email
If you intend to set up an account, the parts department will request the following information from you

A) Faxed order to the parts department. Fax: 786.963.3604

B) Faxed copy of your company’s re-sale certificate or tax ID information

Form of payment: We accept only Master or Visa Card

Parts ship between 1-2 business days. If parts are in stock, if not a lead time will be provided


My unit is still under warranty and I have a service issue. What do I do?

Call the Asber warranty line at extension 2. Have the following information at hand.

A) Unit Model & Serial Number

B) If you have never registered your unit with Asber, we will request a proof of purchase or a copy of the original invoice showing the date in which you purchased your unit. Your unit must be registered before proceeding with a warranty claim. Click here for a Warranty Registration Form.

What is my warranty?

The Asber Warranty is 1 year parts + labor and 5 years compressor. The warranty begins at the date of installation or 90 days after purchasing the unit, whichever comes sooner.

What is covered and what is not covered under my warranty?


Compressor or compressor parts deemed defective through improper maintenance and cleaning, incorrect or low voltages, GFI related and electrical surge issues, or improper installation of the refrigeration unit.


Door Gaskets, Door or Lid Handles, Body of the Refrigeration Unit, Casters, Door or Lid Hinges, Door Opening Breaker Caps, breakage of any parts due to improper use such as standing on the refrigerator or mishandling damages.


Water or humidity inside or outside of unit (unless deemed by agent due to defective heating element), Clogged evaporator drains, Readjusting or leveling of unit, Iced evaporator coil due to temperature controls set too low, Problems caused by improper maintenance, Issues caused by improper installation or negligence of operator.


UPS freight charges must be paid by the owner/operator if any parts or compressors are diagnosed as defective (365) days after the registration date.