Asber is the youngest brand of the seven companies integrating the ONNERA GROUP
A large international business group that has been providing worldwide solutions for the last 40 years. This huge experience englobes the Restaurant, Catering, Laundry and Refrigeration industries

A global group that markets its products over five continents. It has 10 manufacturing plants that are strategically distributed around the world and over 1700 professionals able to offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to meet the needs of each individual market

ONNERA Group is embeded in the cooperative experience of Mondragon (MCC), one of the largest cooperatves and industrial groups in the EU.

This represents a committement to work for a better future. A future where the brands that make up the group are synonymous with integrity, commitment, initiative and teamwork, all walking together towards a new era.

A proactive attitude that constantly strives to find better, more efficient and sustainable ways and methods, making ONNERA Group a leading international group. A world reference.